Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a unique approach to traditional psychotherapy.

KAP applies the medicine ketamine within the context of psychotherapy.

The intention of utilizing ketamine in psychotherapy is to promote an altered state of mind with lowered negative psychological defenses that allows for more efficient healing than traditional talk therapy.

The administration of ketamine in lower, sub-anesthetic doses to treat pain, depression, or other psychiatric diagnoses is a newer, off-label use of ketamine.

Psychiatric use of ketamine has become relatively widespread in recent years, has been studied and promoted by researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health, and has had front page publicity as the newest antidepressant with its own novel pharmacological mechanism of action.

Ketamine is administered by intravenous, intramuscular (IM), sub-lingual, oral, and intra-nasal routes. In our office it is the sub-lingual method.

KAP sessions last longer than traditional therapy and are conducted with medical support and psychological counseling to ensure you are well cared for throughout your experience.

Before and after KAP treatment sessions, we require preparation and integration work. We consider this an integral part of the treatment process.

Preparation for KAP sessions requires assessment by your clinician of your eligibility and readiness. Integration is the therapeutic process of assisting you with integrating the insights of your ketamine experience into your life.

After taking ketamine in each session, we will support you if difficult experiences arise.

Your experience will be unique to you and each of your KAP sessions may be different. KAP experiences cannot be pre-programmed and will vary in intensity.

A KAP session can have aspects that are light, dark, or both. Some sessions are enjoyable and filled with awe and some are difficult, but it is our experience that the holistic therapeutic and mental health benefits of KAP outweigh any temporary discomfort experienced in any one ketamine session.

Because everyone has a unique experience, there is not a one size fits all treatment protocol.

Some individuals may need additional treatments to maintain remission of symptoms.

Your clinician and medical provider will work with you to determine what treatment regime is appropriate for you.