Transformation Counseling and Neurotherapy was born out of a desire to help others best navigate their life journey. The belief of Transformation Counseling and Neurotherapy is that that everyone is unique and diverse in their own healing process.

While problems are universal, a one size fits all approach is often not helpful in the process of healing and development. Because each client is unique, we utilize different therapeutic techniques to help our clients grow and heal.

The belief at Transformation Counseling and Neurotherapy is simple-our clients are the experts in their own lives, and we are their guides.

Our goal is the to help each person heal in a loving, caring, compassionate, nonjudgmental way. We believe that clients have everything they need to heal within themselves, with help and guidance from educated and experienced professionals.

Transformation Counseling and Neurotherapy is a group of professionals dedicated to helping clients find healing through self-empowerment.

In our offices, we see individuals, couples, and families with concerns such as trauma (PTSD), life issues, goals, grief, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, eating disorders, stress management, parenting, and career transitions.

Why Counseling?

We believe that in a perfect world, our close relationships will provide us with the direction that we need to make important decisions, and to realize personal growth and development.

However, because we live in an imperfect world, many of us feel relief after talking with a friend or family member about something that has been troubling us.

Counseling works in a comparable way. As we talk with someone who has an objective point of view, in a safe environment, our perspective of the problem often begins to change. We become more resilient and develop better coping resources.

A sense of strength emerges or returns. In circumstances that have previously felt empty and hopeless, we begin to find meaning and joy.

Transformation Counseling and Neurotherapy is committed to helping you discover your best self on life’s journey.


“You were born with potential,

You were born with goodness and trust,

You were born with ideals and dreams,

You were born with greatness,

 You were born with wings,

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t,

You have wings,

Learn to use them and fly.”

- Rumi

What is Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy, also called neurofeedback therapy, is a drug-free treatment that modifies brainwave activity without using drugs.

This therapy aims to alter electrical activity in the brain to treat various mental health conditions, including addiction.

What Does Neurotherapy Treat?

Neurotherapy alters brain activity and treats emotional dysregulation. It’s often used to treat the following conditions:

Neurotherapy aims to balance out brain inconsistencies without using drugs or alcohol to reward the brain and nervous system.

The results of neurotherapy can be incredibly beneficial. Over time, this therapy can help the brain seek rewards and train itself to self-regulate and relax.