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Personalized Counseling and Neurotherapy in Atlanta

We offer the best in individualized therapy to meet your needs.  Let us help you transform.

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Are you struggling with life issues?  Feeling depressed, anxious or all of the above?  Do you feel as though life could be better but don't know how to get to that place?

These are just some of the reasons people seek counseling. Life can be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Our approach to therapy is to join you on your journey of finding peace and happiness by assisting you in understanding yourself and helping you solve any issues in your life.

We assist individuals, couples, and families to help them get to a better place in life with understanding, compassion, and empathy.

We encourage you to explore our website so you can get a feel for who we are and what services we offer.

Why We Are Different


  • We intentionally don’t take insurance, so we are not forced to label you with a diagnosis just to be compensated.
  • We know trauma and personal struggle and we have the expertise and tools to help you begin to heal.
  • We understand the importance of neuroscience in your care—We help you figure out where you are stuck and have tools to get you unstuck.
  • We embrace that emotional pain and struggle is held and experienced not only in our minds, but also in our bodies.
  • We employ cutting edge technologies like Neurofeedback, to help lift you out of the old neural pathways that keep you imprisoned in your mind.
  • We have the education and credentials, but we don’t guide our clients just from a textbook. We know the importance of going deep and doing the work in self-exploration because we have done it in our own lives.
  • We believe in meeting our clients where they are, right now. This means listening in a non-judgmental and open way and letting our clients guide us in how they experience their lives.
  • We built our practice with our clients in mind, creating a safe and comfortable space for them to take on new possibilities in their lives.
  • We embrace and encourage a flexible way of being with both our clients and our practices. We believe that rigidity leaves no space for healing and personal growth.
  • We are truly curious about your story and your experience. We partner with you in your journey.
  • We won’t give up on you, even if you feel like you have.
  • We take your investment in yourself seriously. Our product is your healing.
  • Because your healing effects not only you, we empower you be healthy in the relationships with those you care about.