My name is Danielle Jurkovich. I received my bachelor's degree in psychology followed by a master's degree in social work (MSSW) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with coursework emphasizing trauma treatment and eating disorders.

Since 2018, I have been serving clients in the Southeast from different backgrounds and demographics; in particular, teens, young adults, and older adults experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use, and various forms of trauma.

Therapy is a collaborative effort and I emphasize working with clients to establish goals that will enhance their well-being.

People need a safe, trusting environment to share their struggles and work toward desired outcomes.

I develop strong relationships by prioritizing trust and mutual respect, which proves to be a key factor in providing positive therapeutic outcomes.

I believe that everyone that comes to my office brings to the table their own unique skills, giftings, and abilities.

It is my passion to help my clients discover these truths and use them to become the best version of themselves.

Reach out via email or a phone call, and I greatly look forward to connecting with you to provide a comforting and validating therapeutic environment.

Under supervision.

Danielle Jurkovich

Danielle Jurkovich, MSSWMaster Science Social Work

under supervision